Psychic Intuitive
Card Readings

Are you looking for some clarity around a personal or professional situation?

Using a mix of my own Worthy deck alongside tarot and oracle cards I will create and hold a safe space for you to explore the heart of any matter together, meeting you wherever you're at and walking the path together.

Available in-person, online, or by recorded video.

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Everyone is worthy of love, kindness and respect.

Including You.

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Card Reading

15 Minute Video AUD$30

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I will email you a link to a recorded video reading using a mix of my own Worthy deck alongside tarot cards and oracle cards.

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1 hour Card Reading AUD$80

This gift certificate will entitle the owner to a single 1 hour card reading with Matt Johnson.

(A PDF voucher and details of how to schedule the reading will be provided after payment has been received.)

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A safe space
for you to explore
the heart of any matter.

Oracle + Tarot Collective Readings

Following the journey of the Sun through the zodiac, checking out what energies are around and the messages that want to come through for each season.

Ask me
Please keep
in mind

Card readings and insights provided through my service are always open to interpretation and individual free will choice. They are never for the purpose of providing or replacing any professional legal / financial / health / relationship advice.

Live online readings will be recorded, but only for the purpose of sharing with you afterwards should you choose to revisit the reading. They will not be used for the purpose of advertising or be shared with anyone else. If you prefer not to be recorded, simply let me know at any time.

I believe everyone is worthy of love, kindness and respect, and I greatly respect your trust, your integrity, your privacy, your journey, your beliefs, your individuality and your sovereignty, so I simply ask the same from you.

Infinite love and gratitude,
Matt ❤︎

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In service of
your personal journey.


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If you have a particular question that isn't answered above, please send me a message.